The Common Typo That Can Steal Your Computer

Here is a good article from AARP about internet typos that can take you to a fake website.  “The usual MO has been to lead consumers to copycat websites that sell counterfeit goods, aim to steal credit card info that people provide for supposed purchases, or promise a prize to those who complete a survey that actually mines for sensitive personal information.”  …click here to read more

Protect your passwords: Five ways to sidestep cybercriminals

carbonite-logoCarbonite is the cloud backup I use.   Carbonite’s Chris Doggett talks about how:  “Cyber threats continue to proliferate at an alarming rate, and everyone who lives in the digital age is more concerned with online security than ever before. Still, there is a gaping security hole putting many people at risk – and it’s one that plenty of users believe they have already covered: Insufficient password protection practices.”  Click this title Protect your passwords: Five ways to sidestep cybercriminals to learn how to find out if you’ve already been hacked, and other good advise about sidestepping cybercriminals.

Maintain your Google My Business

CeliaWirthMyBusinessDid you ever wonder where to go to create or maintain your Google My Business listing?  Well, at least for now, you can go here to login or create your account:

Clearly looks like I need to go update my listing :>)  I’ll have to get right on that.

Two ways to make Windows 10 File Explorer open specific folders

429890The little yellow folder you find on the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen is called Windows File Explorer. 

This article from Tech Republic will help you make the Windows File Explorer open directories or folders of your choosing.  It is easy to get to the Documents, Pictures and Music folders, but sometimes you want to make it really easy to open a different folder. 

Perhaps you are working on a genealogy project, or you are writing a book, or you like to keep pictures in a different folder.  This article will tell you how to add links directly to those locations.  You can add and remove them as often as you like to meet your current and changing needs.

This article is a little technical so give me a call if you want help.  612-408-9437.

Scams reminder

Hang_Up_The_PhoneI have just gotten the 15th call in the last two weeks from someone who had that big scary message on her computer screen telling her that her computer has a bad problem. In very convincing language it says the computer needs attention and the person should call Microsoft at the phone number provided. There are several types of these messages saying they are from real places like Microsoft, the FBI, and now there is one saying they are from Dell.

DO NOT CALL THEM!!! They are not real.

If you are on the phone with them right now, please HANG UP.

If you already let them into your computer, please click the Red X on their little connection box, and then hang up on them.

If you already gave them money please call your bank and ask what can be done.

Neither Microsoft, the FBI, nor Dell will contact you out of the clear blue about your computer, especially through a popup you get from the internet. I don’t care how convincing they are, JUST SAY NO AND HANG UP.

If you are worried there may be a problem with your computer, HANG UP ON THOSE PEOPLE, and call someone you know locally, or take the computer into your local shop. If I am local to you, feel free to call 612-408-9437.

If someone called you on the phone and said they were from Ford and you have a problem with your car, you would not believe them, and you would not give them money. These scams regarding your computer are exactly the same as the phone call about your car. Toss Minnesota Nice out the window and HANG UP ON THEM. Better yet, just don’t call them in the first place.

Scam Of The Week: Dell Tech Support Service Tag Hack

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Blog

Posted by Stu Sjouwerman on Jan 16, 2016 10:15:23 AM

….”There is a new tech support scam doing the rounds. This time it is cyber criminals with foreign accents calling you, claiming they are from Dell and they even have the correct service tag of your Dell PC. They will try to manipulate you into giving them access to your computer so that they can “fix the problem” and charge your credit card or worse, infect your computer with ransomware.

If you get called by unknown people claiming to be tech support (any company) and need to get access to your computer, hang up the phone immediately and delete any email they might send you with similar claims.

ONLY give out personal information if you have initiated the call and properly looked up the main company number yourself on the company’s main website you want to reach. Do not rely on a popup, advertisement, or general web search on another website or forum unless you can verify it is a valid source and verify it is a valid phone number for that company.”….

Keyboard Shortcuts

For those of us who like to use the keyboard, shortcuts come in very handy.
Many of you already use the following:
Ctrl+a = Select All
Ctrl+c = Copy
Ctrl+v = paste
Ctrl+x = Cut
CTRL+z = Undo
Ctrl+p = Print

Here is a link to shortcuts that still work in Windows 10, plus a bunch of new ones you might like.