I understand that:

  • Sometimes it is not simple, even if your kids say it is
  • Sometimes you need to hear how to do it more than once
  • It is scary to try things when you are afraid it will break the computer
  • It is easier to learn new things on your own computer

Barbara R. says “If you are looking for a consultant that is not intimidating, but is patient, thorough and available, I highly recommend Celia Wirth”.

I am really patient. I will:

  • Answer all your questions as many times as you ask
  • Go as slowly as you need
  • Make you feel competent and capable of learning new skills

Dennis K. says “She will.”  

I can help you with all sorts of things:

  • Understand your new computer
  • Internet
  • E-mail
  • Attachments
  • Downloads
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Camera

Remote assistance is also available

If your computer will connect to the internet I can remotely connect to your computer.  That is when you and I are on the phone, I walk you through a few steps on the internet, and then I can see what you are doing and you can see what I am doing. 

I can do anything remotely that I can do sitting right next to you, except touch the computer.

This is convenient when you live far away, are on vacation, or need something quickly.  And I appreciate it when the weather is really bad.

If you don’t see what you need call me at 612-408-9437, or e-mail  We can figure it out.

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