Websites pricing

Website Services


Build your WordPress website (maximum of 35 hours) $350.00
  • Choose a domain registrar and purchase a domain (if necessary)
  • Choose a hosting company and subscribe to hosting (if necessary)
  • Work with you to choose a WordPress Theme and plan your site
  • Train you or a staff member how to enter and format content
Hourly rate if site development takes more than 35 hours $25/hour
Ongoing maintenance of website content, if and when desired $25/hour

Professional Graphic Design services

I am not a professional graphic designer.  Although I am perfectly capable of building a website for you, if you find that my design skills do not achieve your desired look, the polish you are hoping for, you may want to employ the services of a professional graphic designer.  I am happy to work with your professional to incorporate their design in the site I build.

Additional Costs from other service providers

Estimated Cost

Domain(s) $20/year, each
Hosting $180/year, each site
Basic SSL Certificate usually included in hosting
Domain email, if desired (Outlook 365) $84/year, per email address

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