Scam Of The Week: Dell Tech Support Service Tag Hack

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Posted by Stu Sjouwerman on Jan 16, 2016 10:15:23 AM

….”There is a new tech support scam doing the rounds. This time it is cyber criminals with foreign accents calling you, claiming they are from Dell and they even have the correct service tag of your Dell PC. They will try to manipulate you into giving them access to your computer so that they can “fix the problem” and charge your credit card or worse, infect your computer with ransomware.

If you get called by unknown people claiming to be tech support (any company) and need to get access to your computer, hang up the phone immediately and delete any email they might send you with similar claims.

ONLY give out personal information if you have initiated the call and properly looked up the main company number yourself on the company’s main website you want to reach. Do not rely on a popup, advertisement, or general web search on another website or forum unless you can verify it is a valid source and verify it is a valid phone number for that company.”….

Keyboard Shortcuts

For those of us who like to use the keyboard, shortcuts come in very handy.
Many of you already use the following:
Ctrl+a = Select All
Ctrl+c = Copy
Ctrl+v = paste
Ctrl+x = Cut
CTRL+z = Undo
Ctrl+p = Print

Here is a link to shortcuts that still work in Windows 10, plus a bunch of new ones you might like.