Fake Emails

There are lots of different kinds of FAKE emails.  I received the one you see below that says it is from Apple.

DO NOT CLICK LINKS IN AN EMAIL unless you know FOR SURE it is real.  Instead, go to the internet and LOG DIRECTLY INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.

There are several things you can look at to help you decide if it is real or not:

  • You can see the email address associated with the sender “AppleID” is info@email.lasada.co.id.  That sure does not look like an email address that Apple would use.
  • The subject line is an awkward collection of words that don’t make a lot of sense.
    • I do not know what a “Summary Report Alert” is.   Even if I had an active Apple ID, I can’t imagine why they would send me an alert about a Summary Report, whatever that is.
    • I do not know what a “Statement Update Account” is.  And submitting a new one is a bigger mystery.
  • The message is not very well written.
    • The word at the end of the first sentence is “customer” and should be “customers” (plural).
    • The sentence under the Verify Now button ends with”…, if we didn’t receive any response from you!”, which does not make sense in this context.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and see that the Copyright is for Apple Distibution International is misspelled.


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